How do you like your eggs?

Don’t you just love new things? It doesn’t have to be a big something or an expensive something but just new! In the past two and half years I have walked through some new things and not all of them have been planed, welcomed or even fun but I’ve turned the page and now am in a brand new chapter of my life. It’s new, it’s constantly unfolding and I’m going to be honest with you….It’s exciting to see  Jeremiah 29:11 coming into play with every step I take. We’ve all heard of the performer formally known as Prince. Now you are reading this from the blogger formally known as Faithfullfoodiefashionista! Why the change? I’ve held onto that name for the last 4 or 5 years and after doing some looking back and reflecting I decided that those years were definitely years that I was searching and trying to find who I was and in letting go of that name I also am letting go of some dead and heavy weights that I no longer carry in my life. Did I learn from them? You bet I did but I’m now moving forward and not looking back! If you stay around awhile and read my blog you will find that I reference a lot to the things I have learned through movies. I believe that pretty much all movies have light and insight in them and they can teach us so much about ourselves and life in general.   Runaway-Bride The movie that comes to mind while writing this post is Run Away Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. In the movie Maggie (Julia Roberts) seems to have a problem with making a final commitment to marry the various loves of her life and just at the moment she is ready to say “I do” she then finds herself running away. Then enters Ike (Richard Gere) who is a big city reporter who comes to write-up a story on Maryland residing Maggie Carpenter, who is known as the “Runaway Bride” since she has been engaged multiple times, but always leaves her betrothed standing at the altar. When all is said and done the two actually fall in love but what is discovered is that Maggie really doesn’t have a commitment issue but rather she doesn’t know who she is. She found herself liking, doing or even eating certain things just to please the man she was with at the time.

How did she really like them? Eggs Benedict! I think we can all have a little Maggie  in us at times. We try to please others just to fit in or to get them to like us a little better. I know that’s how I have been over the past 5 years. I’ve gone from eating and blogging vegetarian, vegan and raw but now that I know me so much better how do I like to eat? The real answer is ……I eat clean, I eat healthy, I eat meat, I eat cheese and yes I still eat my chocolate! All in moderation with a side of some good ole exercise!

Oh and I like my eggs scrambled! I’m starting a new journey with a brand new blog. In this blog you will find my passion for health, wellness, my faith, everything Beachbody, and all their great products! I’m not here to preach but to bring encouragement and hopefully some inspiration! I believe once you actually taste health you become addicted to it and in return want to share it with others. That’s my goal! You matter and my desire is to see you live out the happy, healthy and abundant life you were created to have! So my question for you today is…..How do you like your eggs?

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