Excuses Or Results?

Well excuuuuussse me!

Yea we all have those things called excuses for everything we don’t want to really do. I know I’m most certainly guilty and in any given day I can find in my mind’s eye a perfectly logical excuse for a number of things. I think unfortunately its human nature to give excuses for every selfish thing we do. For example ….you catch me eating straight out of the ice cream carton with the largest spoon that exists in the utensil drawer and my excuse would be that I had a bad day at work or you ask me if I worked out today and I said no because my legs were sore or my favorite workout socks were dirty!!! I could go on and on but the thing with excuses are they never get you anywhere they only keep you going in circles and then you find yourself dizzy from all that spinning around.

Before I decided to commit to doing Chalean Extreme this year I asked myself was I going to offer up a bunch of crazy excuses as to why I couldn’t do it or was I going to be passionate and determined enough that I wanted to see results? My decision was to see results and I got them! IMG_4165

I don’t think I have ever had muscle definition in my arms EVER! The process of all this has not been easy for this girl who has struggled with disordered eating for most of her life. The concept of building muscle where puny flabby skin once just hung on bones and the fact that I’ve had to start eating beyond  my comfort zone to be able to nourish and refuel my body throughout this program has sometimes thrown me into a panic but having the mindset of NO EXCUSES I decided to push through! It’s been very rewarding!

The Beachbody community has helped and encouraged me so much through their support and their products that it has stirred this new-found passion for not only myself but having the desire to pass it on to others. I did not enter into this program as a get rich scheme, to push products, or to come across as some know it all when it comes to health and fitness. My desire is to help people taste and see how health and fitness can change your life from the inside out! I believe that once you get motivated and you decide to commit to it that it’s like lighting up one of those sparklers you see so much this time of the year. It’s contagious and I’ve decided that excuses are just not going to work for me because I would rather see the results!

I believe we make-weight loss and getting healthier so much more complicated than it really is and that’s’ why last week I started my own personal challenge with a friend who I shall call Guinea. Yes she volunteered to be my guinea pig and she wanted to remain anonymous so I’ve affectionately given her that name.

Last Monday I had Guinea take her before pics and measurements and she then started her journey to a healthy lifestyle.

The challenge I laid before her was this…..

  • 1 Shakeology shake a day
  • 2 other meals plus a snack a day…her choice as long as they were healthy choices!
  • Doing Chalean Extreme (strength portion only )with me 3 days a week
  • Finding some kind of cardio she enjoyed  at least 2 days a week ( she informed she did not like traditional cardio like running, treadmill or the like so I let her choose her own)

Not a hard challenge at all so she put away the excuses and accepted!

Although we are not weighing in every week she wanted to just get a glimpse of her progress and I’m proud to report…….



I’m so proud of her and can’t wait to see all the changes that are going to take place in her the next 90 days.

Getting fit does not mean you have to spend 8 hours a day in a gym, spend an insane amount of money on equipment or give up every food you love but it does mean you have to ditch the excuses and decide you want to commit to seeing the results!

I remind myself of this verse every time I want to give into excuses……

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and who was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourselves but to God; 20 he bought you for a price. So use your bodies for God’s glory.

To be continued…….. 😉 ……..Let’s cheer Guinea on!!!

Challenge And Accountability!

I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person who loves a challenge. There is just something about someone setting a challenge before me that makes me want to give it all I’ve got and to nail it! I’m not a competitive person unless it’s with myself and I find it easier as do most people to have accountability in reaching a goal. There is strength in the number 2.

I’ve been raving in my earlier posts about my love for Shakeology and  I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and to present a challenge to a willing participant. I’ve found her and she has willing gave me permission to log her progress. I’m going to be doing this challenge right along with her and I’m so excited to see all the transformations that are going to take place in her life both physically and emotionally.

What’s the challenge you ask? I’m investing in her a months supply of Shakeology and we will be doing the strength portion of Chalean Extreme 3 days a week for the next 90 days. She is not one who loves traditional cardio and doesn’t like a lot of bouncing around so I made her deal and asked her to  replace one meal a day with Shakeology and to do strength 3 times a week along with her choice of cardio the other 2 days a week.

Check out all the amazing benefits of Shakeology! Click the link!

I believe in the Beachbody programs and products so much that I was willing to fit the bill to get her started. My desire and passion is to get people to want to take responsibility for them selves to get healthy! My goal is to at least get you to taste what health feels like and then I believe the rest will fall into place.

I am not any kind of professional in the matters of health and fitness but I do know that I love how eating healthy and staying active has helped me so much in my own journey to health and overcoming disordered eating. I only want the same for everyone else. I can’t diagnose you or even prescribe you anything but my heart is to steer you in the right way with a big dose of encouragement along the way!

I’ll be offering challenges like this and others along the way and if you think you may be interested visit my coach page to get more info or like my Facebook page for updates! You be my Daniel San and I’ll be your Mr. Myagi….kind of..sorta..you get my drift! 😉

Let the Challenge begin!


Red White And Blue Chia Pudding!

Up until about 4 years ago I never would have imagined consuming chia seeds. The only association I ever had with them was with slathering them onto a clay figurine of some sort and tending to them until they grew into a little lush green garden. The thought of eating them never crossed my mind but now I love the tiny little things!

You can add them to anything for some extra protein and they are great for hydration. I also learned early on that if you grind them into a flour form you can use them as a substitute for eggs in baking. Brilliant if you ask me!

My favorite way of eating them lately is in a pudding from and I want to share this little recipe I came up with just yesterday.

Red White And Blue Chia Shakeology Pudding

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk or milk of your choice

2 Tbsp chia seeds

2 Tbsp of either oat meal or granola ( I used a 3 berry granola from Trader Joes

1 scoop or 1 packet of Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 cup sliced strawberries


1.Combine milk, chia seeds and granola and let sit overnight in fridge

2. The next mornings add Shakeology ..mix well then add in your berries



3. Enjoy a delicious protein packed breakfast or a sweet treat!


This was so good and filling!

I was feeling a bit like a super hero after consuming this today so to entertain the girls at work and having the 4th of July spirit I wore my Wonder Woman socks!


They loved it and I loved some of the strange looks I got from customers!

I’m practicing being confident this month and I was feeling quit confident in these today!

Happy 4th Of July!

Love At First Sight…Not Really!

Are you one of those that believe in love at first sight? I have to admit that I’ve fallen victim to this at various times in my life and learned rather quickly that a second look is always pretty much-needed before you decide that it is indeed love and not just emotion. Then there are those times that what is the absolute best for you is right under your nose but you are oblivious to just what a treasure you have until suddenly upon second review you realize it’s LOVE!

This happened to me. Let me tell you a little love story………

It was just about a year ago when a friend of mine started talking in a foreign language entitled Shakeology. I had never heard of this stuff that seemed to be a cross of an apparent shake with the “ology” tagged on the end to make it seem much smarter than it really was. I’ve never confessed this to her but I honestly thought to myself that this was just another Slim Fast deal. I was having flashbacks of drinking those chalky fake tasting shakes and already had my mind made up that I was not falling for yet another shaky gimmick.

My friend would constantly rant and rave about her smoothie concoctions and other recipes she would create with this so-called “Healthiest Meal Of The Day” stuff and I admit they looked and sounded great but my mind was just not open to it. She even went as far to have the nerve to give me samples! 🙂 Okay now I had no excuse to not at least try it  so I tried it but my skeptical mind was so shut off to another shake thing that I politely placed in my pantry and forgot about it.

Like I stated in the above …..I’ve never confessed this to her so now I’ve either made my friend gasp with such disbelief that I thought such things or if I know her like I know I do she is giggling and smiling at me!  😉 We all live and learn and some of us learn the hard way!

Just goes to show you that you can have the greatest thing right under your nose but unless you are willing to open yourself up to taking a little risk and trying something new you will never come to realize the treasure that you have.


In December of 2012 I decided to invest in a strength training program by Chalene Johnson. It was her Chalean Extreme program and I’m ashamed to say it took me until February of this year to finally get it out of the box. I’ve loved everything about it and it has given me a love for strength training I have never had and if you follow any of the  Beachbody programs you will hear all about Shakeology. Yes, there that stuff showed up again!

Okay I’m listening now!

It wasn’t long into it that I had fallen in love with this new program so that led to looking into more programs and before you know it I was signed up to become an Independent  Beachbody Coach! I received my challenge pack along with my Shakeology and made the decision that I was going to put it to the test before I told anyone about it or started singing its praises.

Now let me just tell you……I absolutely am sold on this stuff and I don’t know how I’ve lived without it! It lives up to everything it promises. My day is just not complete without it and now I really am singing its praises!

The energy that this stuff gives you is incredible and it is not that jittery I’ve had 8 cups of coffee energy. I’m getting my daily dose of vitamins, minerals, fruits, veggies and so much more, and my hair and nails are growing like a weed!  It promises to curb cravings and curb your appetite and coming from someone who is a bottomless pit on most days I have found  that if I drink this for my breakfast that I can easily go until lunch and be just fine.

The beauty about Shakeology is that you can mix it up a thousand ways and always come up with something new and delicious so you are never bored with the same old thing everyday. You can be as simple with it or you can get more creative by adding extras to it but either way you are always honestly getting the healthiest meal of your day!

My smoothie this morning was made with the Tropical Shakeology, almond milk, water, ice, frozen cherries and a little cocoa powder. It tasted like a chocolate covered cherry! Yum! A fabulous way to start Monday!



Don’t believe me yet? That’s okay because I didn’t believe it at first either but I love this stuff so much that I’ve even rounded myself up a little Guinea pig who is going to take my challenge to try Shakeology for 3 months along with doing some strength training with me and she’s allowing me to blog her progress so STAY TUNED!

Love at first sight may or may not actually happen but I’m learning regardless that it is always wise to take a second look! 😉

If you think you may be interested in knowing more about Shakeology just click the link of my “About” page! 😉


How do you like your eggs?

Don’t you just love new things? It doesn’t have to be a big something or an expensive something but just new! In the past two and half years I have walked through some new things and not all of them have been planed, welcomed or even fun but I’ve turned the page and now am in a brand new chapter of my life. It’s new, it’s constantly unfolding and I’m going to be honest with you….It’s exciting to see  Jeremiah 29:11 coming into play with every step I take. We’ve all heard of the performer formally known as Prince. Now you are reading this from the blogger formally known as Faithfullfoodiefashionista! Why the change? I’ve held onto that name for the last 4 or 5 years and after doing some looking back and reflecting I decided that those years were definitely years that I was searching and trying to find who I was and in letting go of that name I also am letting go of some dead and heavy weights that I no longer carry in my life. Did I learn from them? You bet I did but I’m now moving forward and not looking back! If you stay around awhile and read my blog you will find that I reference a lot to the things I have learned through movies. I believe that pretty much all movies have light and insight in them and they can teach us so much about ourselves and life in general.   Runaway-Bride The movie that comes to mind while writing this post is Run Away Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. In the movie Maggie (Julia Roberts) seems to have a problem with making a final commitment to marry the various loves of her life and just at the moment she is ready to say “I do” she then finds herself running away. Then enters Ike (Richard Gere) who is a big city reporter who comes to write-up a story on Maryland residing Maggie Carpenter, who is known as the “Runaway Bride” since she has been engaged multiple times, but always leaves her betrothed standing at the altar. When all is said and done the two actually fall in love but what is discovered is that Maggie really doesn’t have a commitment issue but rather she doesn’t know who she is. She found herself liking, doing or even eating certain things just to please the man she was with at the time.

How did she really like them? Eggs Benedict! I think we can all have a little Maggie  in us at times. We try to please others just to fit in or to get them to like us a little better. I know that’s how I have been over the past 5 years. I’ve gone from eating and blogging vegetarian, vegan and raw but now that I know me so much better how do I like to eat? The real answer is ……I eat clean, I eat healthy, I eat meat, I eat cheese and yes I still eat my chocolate! All in moderation with a side of some good ole exercise!

Oh and I like my eggs scrambled! I’m starting a new journey with a brand new blog. In this blog you will find my passion for health, wellness, my faith, everything Beachbody, and all their great products! I’m not here to preach but to bring encouragement and hopefully some inspiration! I believe once you actually taste health you become addicted to it and in return want to share it with others. That’s my goal! You matter and my desire is to see you live out the happy, healthy and abundant life you were created to have! So my question for you today is…..How do you like your eggs?